Why us


OKAMI is the pioneer and bellwether to bring Japanese “All You Can Eat” dining style to Australia. Since the first launching in 2013, OKAMI is committing to let Japanese cuisine affordable and available to everyone and anywhere.

We are committed to breaking barriers and spreading the joy of Japanese culinary delights far and wide. Our vision is to create an inclusive experience that transcends economic boundaries, allowing every individual to indulge in the flavours of Japan without compromise. Over the years, we have continued to innovate and elevate our offerings, crafting an experience that resonates with both Japanese food enthusiasts and those discovering its wonders for the first time.

Join us on the gastronomic journey, as we celebrate the essence of Japanese cuisine and share the joy of dining with all who walk through our doors.


At OKAMI, we take immense pride in offering our customers the quality dishes made with the finest ingredients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of only Australian Angus beef and other premium products, ensuring that every bite is a testament to top-tier taste and ethical sourcing.

With the advantage of owing central kitchens and a robust supply network, OKAMI maintains strict control over food quality. This allows us to uphold the standards we are renowned for and deliver consistent culinary perfection to every table we serve.


OKAMI we are proud to share our passion for quality Japanese cuisine with you!

From the moment a new restaurant joins the OKAMI family, we provide continuous support to ensure their success. Our commitment extends beyond just the initial training phase, as we remain steadfast in offering ongoing assistance in various aspects, including operations, staffing, and technical matters. With a well-established and efficient training management system, each OKAMI restaurant strictly adheres to uniform standards and quality. The ongoing support on operation, staffing, or technical are continuously provided from day one.

We believe that strong collaboration and support are the cornerstones of a thriving restaurant network. By fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, we empower our franchisees to shine in their local communities, providing customers with a consistent and exceptional dining experience at every OKAMI restaurant they visit.

“I’ve been one of OKAMI franchisees for many years and is one of the first few franchisees. I was first attracted by the innovative concept of All You Can Eat buffet, and this has been approved to be successful by the markets for years. The team have been very supportive from all aspects since day one, no matter what issues I faced.”

- Bradley
(Okami Franchisee)

The Process



Download franchising information pack which includes a comprehensive overview of OKAMI franchise opportunity.



Make an enquiry via email and submit the application to start your franchise journey.


Background Check

A financial review and reference check will be conduct. Once you pass it, you’re now a potential franchisee. We’ll schedule and begin the process of opening new store.



You’ll be contact via emails, phone calls or in persons to learn more about each other, if you meet the minimum conditions.

Have a question?

Can I own more than one franchise?

Yes, an increasing number of our Okami franchisees have more than one shop. Many of the franchisees would like to open another one after witnessing the success of the first one. It is a testimony to the quality of our business model.

Can I open a restaurant where I want?

You can choose your location to open the restaurant, but we need to determine whether it is suitable for our business, as per our previous experience and site evaluation. Once the location is approved, you can open your restaurant in that area.

How do I identify the right site/location?

A thorough site analysis will be conducted for a potential location, combined with the demographics of the areas, income level, traffic and our previous experience, etc. A profiling analysis and franchise plan will be provided for the location of interest before proceeding.

How long does usually take to start a business?

Approximatively, it will take at least 6 months to start a business. Including Property and Location Finding Phases, Permission and Facilities Application, Building and Construction, Preparation and Settlement, and Grand Opening Phases.

Who finds the site?

If you have a place which you look for, we will pass your location to our franchise team, and they will analyse and determine if it is a good place for our business. If you don’t have any idea, it is okay, we will find a good place for you.

Do you negotiate the lease with the landlord?

Yes, we would assist our franchisee with the negotiation with the landlords as required. With around 50 locations established and a strong brand reputation, we have stronger bargaining power and we always get a good deal.

I am interested and believe I qualify. What next?

Please fill out the application form today. We look forward to speaking with you and telling you more about what makes Okami different from other restaurants. We will explore together our new approach to a thriving Okami franchise and help you evaluate all the options.

Can I sell my business? Are there any restrictions that affect my right to do so?

Yes, you can sell the business you purchase, but the head office needs to evaluate the person you sell the business to if eligible for franchising.

What systems do you have in place for keeping franchisees in touch with you and each other? Do you hold regular Franchisee Meetings?

We have a very strong relationship with all the franchisees. Franchisees can reach us anytime individually by email, phone, and online chat, as well as face-to-face meetings at our office.

If I run into operational problems, I am unable to solve, what help and support can I expect?

As one of the biggest advantages of our franchising business model, franchisees will receive ongoing support and help from us, no matter in operational, managerial or marketing. Simply contact our franchise managers and talk about your issues, and we will help you resolve them.