Why work at OKAMI

We value our lovely team members as our priceless treasure, it is them who contribute to the great success and continuous growth of OKAMI. If you're looking for a challenging role in a great environment and want to work somewhere you'll never stop learning and growing alongside good people who'll become like family, OKAMI could be the place for you.

OKAMI is looking for adaptable, self-motivated, passionate people who prioritise health and safety as much as we do. If that sounds like you, why not bring your talents and skills and join the OKAMI family? We welcome people with every background, no matter whether you’re experienced or just getting started, as full training will be provided.

Front of House

At OKAMI, our Front of House members are the heartbeat of our establishment. As ambassadors of hospitality, you will take centre stage, delivering an unforgettable dining experience to our customers. With your warm and genuine smiles, you will be the essence of friendly and efficient service, creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel right at home.

Your dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care will leave a lasting impression on all who dine with us. Join our passionate team and together we will create moments of joy and culinary for every customer that walks through our doors.

Available positions:

Front of House Manager
Waiting Staff

Back of House

At OKAMI, our kitchen members are the pulsating heart that drives all restaurant operations. Your role is vital in crafting the fresh and delectable Japanese cuisine that leaves our customers craving for more. From preparing mouthwatering dishes that tantalize taste buds to expertly rolling sushi with the freshest ingredients, your culinary expertise knows no bounds. But it’s not just about the food, it’s about infusing every creation with a touch of passion and joy that transcends the plate and brings smiles to our customers’ faces. As a valued member of our kitchen team, you will be instrumental in creating delightful dining experiences, making OKAMI a place where exceptional Japanese flavours come to life. Join us on the culinary journey, and together, let’s continue to deliver excellence, one dish at a time.

Available Positions

Head Chef
Sushi Chef
Kitchen Hand

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